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who have to have access to that information to do their jobs. we take a very close look at that to ensure that it is not widespread access, that it is about people being able to do their jobs to conserve the consumer across our side. >> anne toth is the head of privacy for yahoo! >> thank you for having me. >> next week, we will be talking with the advertisers and with the consumer groups. we will see you then on "the communicators." thinks the nation is
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experiencing severe anxiety. after that, the author and sociology professor brian powell looks at the changing view on what constitutes a family. a recent survey has found that americans are more accepting of unmarried and same-sex couples raising children. plus, your e-mails and phone calls starting live at 7:00 a.m. on c-span. on sunday, health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius talks about the new health care law, part of which goes into effect on thursday. she is interviewed by someone from the "wall street journal" uters.eacre >> last fight, alaska senator
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lisa murkowski held an event to announce her intention to run for reelection as a right in -- write-in candidate. she recently lost the primary to candidate miller. this is about 20 minutes. >> thank you. >> we love you, lisa! >> i love you. i am so humbled and honored to stand before you today. you make my heart whole again and i thank you. [applause] i thank you.
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i think all of you who have stood with me, the commons and have made, total strangers -- i never knew stephanie and katie until just now. the cross section of people, it is phenomenal. it is incredible. but this is alaska, where we come together. we come together. [applause] we embrace one another for who we are, not because we may share the same political label but because of who we are and what we contribute to our community and state. this is what makes alaska great, not our party label.
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there is one person not standing on the stage here tonight. iso wish you were. iso wish that ted stevens were here tonight -- i still wish that ted stevens were here tonight. [applause] he is watching. ted was a man who devoted his entire life to alaska. he never, never gave up on us. he fought for us every day. he set the standard for public service. for eight years as i have served you in the united states senate, that is the standard that i have set to achieve. [applause]
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i have been humbled in many things, but none so much as what was told to me by ted when he said that i was the best partner he could have in the united states senate. [applause] before his tragic accident that took him from alaska that he loved so much, he wrote a statement that said, "she is a fighter that stands up for what is right. i trust her commitment to do what is best for alaska." today, my friends, my campaign for alaska's future begins. [applause]
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">> "run, lisa, run! qu >> i get the message. all right. i get the message. i hear it loud and clear. i announced today that i will be a write-in candidate for the united states senate seat that i now hold. [cheers and applause] thank you.
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thank you for this support and confidence. i will tell you that when the votes came in on the 24th of august, when they were counted, there was no one was more disappointed than i was. but since then, things have happened. events have transpired. there has been an outpouring of support from alaskans all over the state, from all spectrums, from all political persuasions. when i sat down at a restaurant and the waiter said, "run, and i will quit my job and come to work for you." [applause] this is the outpouring of support that i have received from individuals stopping me in the airport to the diners, to
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the emails. it has been almost overwhelming. i am so humbled by it. i know that many of you know that this has been a difficult process. this decision has been a difficult one. more often than not when you are dealing with tough decisions we learn that the right thing to do is very often the hardest thing to do. it is the hardest thing to do. the easier route for me personally and for vern would be to accept the results of the primary and put my family first. i gave that very serious consideration. in fact as of last night, i was still wrestling with this, still uncertain as to whether or not i
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could continue this race. but i looked into my heart and i said, "where is my heart?" my heart is alaska. i cannot leave you. i cannot stop what we have started, what ted and so many others have built and what we have been advancing. [no audio] alaskans said, "lisa, please give us that choice." they told me that they could not accept the extremist views of joe miller -- [cheers and applause]
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>> no more miller! >> we cannot accept those views. equally, we cannot accept the inexperience of mr. mcadams. they told me they did not have a choice on october 2. they said they felt disenfranchised as alaskan voters. i am here to tell you that you are disenfranchised no more. [cheers and applause] come november 2, if you now have a choice. if you stand by me, i am going to stand by you. i am going to stand by alaska. join me in this. [cheers and applause]
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thank you. [cheers and applause] okay, we've got to hold back for a second here. we cannot fool ourselves with all of this wonderful enthusiasm and buoyancy that this is going to be an easy task. it will be tough. they will come at us. they will be in our face. but you know what? what do we do in alaska? have we as alaskans ever shied away from things that tough? no. have we ever shirked from our responsibility? no. what are we going to do? we're going to give alaskans an option. we're going to give them an option. we know that the mechanisms of a
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write-in, they tell us it is impossible that you cannot do it. alaskans know how to fill in an oval and spell murkowksi. [cheers and applause] there are an awful lot of naysayers out there. i was reminded by a friend of mine of something. he says that there is no word for "impossible" in the aleut language. there is nothing that is impossible. nothing. [cheers and applause] you all know that i went back to
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washington a couple of days ago. negative of-na nabobism. some of my fellow republicans tell me that this cannot be done, that this is a few trial effort. perhaps it is one time that they met one republican woman who will not quit on alaska. [cheers and applause] we are here. we are here for you. [cheers and applause]
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i want to remind everyone when this whole discussion about having the process out there -- it is our constitution that allows for, guarantees the right to vote for the person of your choice. i want to give you the choice. i want to give you that option. my opponents are going to no doubt point out to you that prior to the august primary and i stated that i would accept the outcome of the primary. i will tell you right now that i regret that statement. i regret that i made that statement. it was made before i became aware of the last minute mudslinging, the name calling, outright fabrications and lies
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that came from mr. miller and his staff. it is unacceptable. this is where i am. i have got a choice of either living with regret of making an ill-timed statement in the debate were living with the regret of remaining silent. mr. miller and his extremist positions dismantled the relationships that ted stevens and i and others have built over the years in washington. i can tell you unequivocally is not in the best interest of alaska. it is simply not. [applause] you all are standing with me tonight. you are supporting me. you are standing their strong. i thank you for that. i will be the first one to admit to you that in the primary campaign, we made some mistakes. we talk about ourselves.
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we talked about me a lot. we did not educate alaskans about the extremist views held by mr. miller. when he swung, i did not swing back. well, ladies and gentlemen, friends and supporters, the gloves are off. i am fighting for alaska. [cheers and applause] we are such a diverse state. you have got to have somebody in washington that is going to fight for all of our causes, whether you are a republican, a democrat, a libertarian, independent, or none of the above. you have got to be fighting for all of alaskas interests.
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i need to be fighting for natives and those who build our state, the military, the moms who stay at home, our fire fighters, our policemen, our educators, our gold miners, our energy people. that is who we represent. we do not represent those that just look like us. that is not what alaska is about. [applause] alaskans deserve a fighter in the united states senate who will always stand up for alaska, and who understands our great potential and has the experience, respect, and the seniority to accomplish that. i am that senator. [cheers and applause]
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thank you. we have taught you how to spell little bit. now we're going to work on the numbers. i want you to remember these. 11.9 and 3.4. that is the percentage of registered alaskan voters that voted for joe miller and scott mcadams, respectively. together, that is less than 15% of the alaskan electorate. the tens of thousands of youth who did not vote during the primary, i asked you to join us -- the tens of thousands of you who did not vote during the primary, i asked you to join us for the good of the state. your votes of never been more important. you will have to work a little bit harder to make it count. we've got to do this together.
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this is not going to be easy. as i mentioned, you have got to learn how to spell my name. that is not as tough as it sounds. over the next 45 days, we will be teaching you how to spell it. there will be a test. but it is just one question, so you can figure that out. [applause] this is a statement. you have got to fill in the oval. we will educate you on this. this is a statement we must make for alaskans. together, we can do what they say cannot be done. alaska is not fair game for outside extremists. we're smarter than that. we're sharper than that. we will not be had. to accomplish our new goals, we have a lot of work to do. it starts today. it starts with all of us.
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we put together a new team and approach. some of these alaskans are with us today. i am pleased to introduce our cochairs. mary hughes is a longtime friend. mary, come on up here. [applause] mary has been a wonderful public servant. i am honored that she is standing by me. i also want to bring up byron has agreed to co-chair. [applause] we can do it! we can do it! >> win, lisa, win!
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win, lisa, win! >> we can do it. you make me so proud, so proud to be an alaskan. >> you make me proud. >> i am here to tell you, ladies and gentlemen, on november 2, we will all be remembering these words from our dear friend ted stevens. "to hell with politics, let's do what's right for alaska." thank you. [cheers and applause]
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thank you. >> the headquarters is here in town. if everyone can to join the campaign. -- get everyone that he can to join the campaign. you can wish her good luck and tell her how badly you want her to do this. let's send her out with "win, lisa, win." win, lisa, win! >> after this event, senator murkowski withdrew her republican bid. senator mcconnell said that he and other republican senators
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planned to respect the will of the voters in alaska and their choice of joe miller. if you like to see this event again, go to our website c- >> for me or anyone else considering continuing on in public service, i think the real question is whether you have a positive vision for the direction the country should head, a specific idea to implement the vision, and a demonstrated set of experiences to show you can handle it and get it done. >> tim pawlenty of a potential presidential run and his eight years as governor. that is on sunday. >> the c-span local content vehicles are traveling the country visiting congressional districts as we look at some of the most closely contested house races leading up to the november midterm elections. ♪
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>> how are you folks tonight? are you from here? you are all the way from dalton? thank you for coming up. >> here we go. my name is mike kelly. i am running for congress. it is did seeing you. >> let me tell you a little bit about the third congressional district. it also involves erie, mercer, butler counties. the incumbent is kathy dahlkemper. she is the incumbent.
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she defeated a longtime republican incumbent in the big money race, probably the most expensive congressional race in the history of this district. hurt in -- her opponent is mike kelly who came out of a pretty -- crowded field in the primary. he did not win with a big percentage of the vote but ended up as the republican nominee. in this county because of the voter registration, it does have a bit of the democratic advantage. in the city, it is about 2.5 to one democrat voter registration. as you move south, it is a pretty heavily republican district and tends to be fairly conservative. one thing that will be interesting and has started to pop up in news stories is that -- whether kelly will be able to get the support in this area that he needs to win. a lot of people think you have to have support in the erie area
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to do that. he is putting a lot of resources into the area. he is a lot of people from the area heavily involved in his campaign. it seems that they are targeted to the fact that they need a lot of the erie area support and are working towards that. mike kelly has kind of attack miss dahlkemper about being locked up with nancy pelosi and the stimulus package. in the minds of some voters, that has not worked as well as a lot of people thought it would. i think health care is going to be important obviously. that is especially some of the changes being talked about in washington. there are a lot of people out of work. a lot of people are concerned about the economy. it will probably break down to jobs, the economy, health care, similar to two years ago but with a different twist because the democrats are in power in washington.
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they are being attacked for their policies and programs by the republicans now. dahlkemper is kind of caught in the middle of a little bit of that. i think she is going to hit on her record in washington. she is gotten things done. she has been back in been in touch with the constituents. she makes a point of getting back here and having constituent office hours where she is there in the office to talk to people about their concerns. she does return to erie and the district a lot to keep the personal touch with people. she has been busy in washington. she was involved in some of the language that helped get the stimulus through by not using federal money for abortion. she has taken some criticism on that. she has also shown that she is willing to be involved and try to pass legislation and work with the rest of the congress. i think what mr. kelly is going to do is come at that in an opposite way and say that he has
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not been -- she has not been effective representative she has said she would be and try to outline his plan on being the person, being a fiscal conservative and looking out for the taxpayer. i think that is how they're going to go at it. it will be interesting to see the dynamic, especially when there are debates in the get together. i believe that dahlkemper art has $1.5 million in the bank. the democrats do not want to lose the seat. is similar to bill english two years ago. all lot of money was pumped into the race because republicans saw it as a valuable sea. the tables have turned a little bit. the democrats see that. i would guess that at the end of the day, you will see a lot of money spent on this campaign. one of the issues is going to beat how much money kelly needs to win and whether he will be able to raise that kind of money and support, especially in this area. i think a couple of things have made this race so competitive. the climate in washington has
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flip flopped with the democrats been under attack here. some people are trying to tie ms. dahlkemper to obama and nancy pelosi. this district is fairly conservative. especially start moving towards the southern parts of the district, i think some people like to see republican candidate win the seat back. you tend to get a lot of conservative people in the republican party who may have a problem with the stimulus, the health care changes being talked about, and some of the other things 3 by extension, that might help mike kelly. we will have to see what happens at the polls. dahlkemper is the incumbent. a lot of that sentiment is what is making the race close. it will be interesting to see with the debates and in getting on the issues one on one in any
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of the public opinion changes. it will be interesting to see how all this plays out. >> c-span local content vehicles are traveling the country as we look at some of the most closely contested house races leading up to the midterm elections for more information, go to >> congress returns next week for several items on the legislative agenda. the senate gavels in on monday to start work on the 2011 defense authorization bill. the first procedural vote is scheduled for tuesday. the measure provides over $700 billion for defense programs. it includes provisions regarding abortion services and military hospitals. it includes language that repeals the don't ask, don't tell policy on gays in the military. the bill should take up most of
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the senate's time next week. all live senate coverage on c- span to -- follow live senate coverage on c-span 2. the house will debate close to 40 bills. also expected, final action on the small-business bill that the senate completed last week. the legislation includes the $30 billion lending fund that aims to help community banks make loans to small businesses. follow the house live on c-span. >> the family research council held a panel discussion yesterday on the tea party's role in american politics. we will hear from the chairman and the senior vice presidents of the family research council. the talked about the victories of several candidates in this primary season. this is half an hour.
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>> how many people have been to a t party? i am not surprised. from the revolution to the pro- life marches, all of these people have one thing in common. they know that they live in the greatest country in the world and that the world has ever seen. they know that we can always do better. that is what is at the heart of the tea party movement. these next speakers did not come from washington, d.c. they're not some sort of good- looking lobbyists like my selves. it is not that they are not good looking, but washington is not where they're from. they are from where you are from, from back home, home
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towns. i have done enough talking. i want to introduce the ladies here to talk to you about why they got involved, how they got involved, and how you can get involved, and the great work that all of you have been doing across the nation. i would like to introduce katie abrams, an activist. [applause] amy, the chairman of tea party express. and billy tucker from the tea party. [applause] going alphabetically, katie. >> my name is keith abrams. i am apparently an activist. -- my name is katie abram.
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i am apparently an activist. i am just like you. i am a stay at home mom. [applause] yay, moms. last summer, i had pretty much had my fill of the federal government. i had heard about the health care reform bill that was going to be rammed down our throats. i am from the state of to pennsylvania -- pennsylvania. senator arlen specter was coming to my town of lebanon to have a town hall. an amazing thing happened that day. myself and about 250 other people came to the town hall. during the town hall, i think we helped to change the course of america in our home. i told the senator that he had awakened a sleeping giant. it is very evident by what you see going on today across the country.
7:35 pm
when i got home from the town hall, my daughter asked me, "who is the sleeping giant?" it was a profound question from my eight-year old. i told her that it was comprised of all of the conservatives who over the years have minded our own business. we have raise our families. we have run our businesses. we did what we were supposed to do. we were good americans. we had faith in our government that they would be doing the right thing. we're no longer sitting in our arm chair watching the tv yelling at it. we are out in the streets now. we are on tv. we're doing all sorts of things we never thought we would have done before. we're finally questioning our government and putting them in a place they need to be. it is we, the people, not the government. the government is not in charge of us. [applause]
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since that fateful day at a town hall, i have been trying to wake up other people. i have been stepping aside my comfort zone to try and help the candidates get elected come and get through the primaries. we need to send fiscally conservative people into d.c. to help michelle bachman and mike pence. the calvary is coming but we need to help them. we were talking about some of the things we experienced in the middle of the night. before the town hall occurred, 42 weeks, i woke up very early in the morning. i am convinced it was god speaking to me every single night, giving me bits and pieces
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of things i should say to senator specter at the town hall. i had seen billy in the youtube video. she had the same thing happened to her. beck gets up at 4:00 in the morning. he has that happened to him. [applause] i ask all of you to know that god is with us. he is with us throughout the whole movement. i am just amazed at how everybody has been so, i cannot even think of the word. everybody in this movement has been so strong. we have been called names left and right. after the town hall, i have people showing up at my house. my husband was mowing the lawn with a gun in his pocket.
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i could not let my kids out to play. the left attacked me as hard as they could for some time because of my statements to senator specter. at that time, all but i wanted was for more people to stand up. now everyone is doing it. i want to thank you. together, we can do this. we can get our country back on track. [applause] >> thank you so much for having me here. i am the chairman of the tea party express. i am honored and blessed to be here with these two wonderful ladies. i am the chairman of the tea party express. most importantly, i am a mom. i was a mom who got engaged in the movement. i am one of the original 22 people came together last february to start the movement witter. tortur
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i was tired of screaming at the tv and radio and decided to get off the couch and something about it. the fuel was already there but the fire was there in the deal went viral. 22 of us came together to plan for the tea parties. we defined our success with tea parties across the country one week later, we had 53 tea parties with over 30,000 people in attendance. that was with no help from the media. [applause] it was obvious that there was a movement growing. the anchor was brewing. -- the anger was brewing. the tea party website went wide. on april 15 of last year, we
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have over 850 t parties with approximately 1.2 million people in attendance. [applause] we stopped counting the number of tea parties. we could not keep up with it. the very same day on april 15, there was also a tea party in oslo, norway. he was a group of people wanted to stand united with america because we are the shining light on the hill, the land of opportunity. they know what we represent. this movement has grown by leaps and bounds. it is continuing to grow. more people are coming into this movement. .e're making great progress congresswoman michele bachman start of the tea party congress a few months ago. whether you agree with the tea party caucus or not, it is a testament to the power of the movement. they are paying attention.
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what happened last summer with the health care, that galvanized america and the movement. that touches each and everyone of us. there is nothing more personal than health care. we are all fed up with the government trying to shove this legislation down our throats. we even have democrats and independents involved in the movement. we're about core values of fiscal response ability and limited government jury . even the democrats and independents did not want the health care shoved down their throats. they are tired of the people in washington by leading the process. they're totally disregarding the constitution. i am sure that these two ladies will agree with me and you will probably agree as well. that constitution is our armor. that is what enables us to stand up here and fight for what we
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believe in. [applause] there is a lot going on across the country. i have been really blessed to meet all of these people. we've taken three bus tours across the country. i am sure you have heard about our bus tours. it is taking a piece of this mammoth across america and letting everyone have a part of that. we are very proud of the bus tours. i believe the most important work we're doing is getting withved in campaigns other conservative candidates out there. if we're going to truly effected change, it will have to be at the ballot box. [applause] i want to say one thing.
7:43 pm
i am sure i am going to make some people unhappy when i say this. our objective is not to bring the republicans to washington. our objective is to bring conservatives to washington. [applause] i left alaska, the last frontier about two weeks ago and went to our first state in delaware and worked very hard to get christine o'donnell elected. we did great work in alaska. we were told repeatedly there was no way that joe miller could beat lisa murkowski. the establishment was against him and he did it. the people make it happen. then we come to delaware and we have everything against us.
7:44 pm
christine o'donnell is being attacked viciously by the establishment. the same republican party that supported her two years ago when she was running against a biden. she is now running for a seat of the good old boys want and they are supporting him. they attacked her personally. we cannot stand for it anymore. we are not going to stand for it. the voters went to the ballot box and made a statement. [applause] right now, the narrative is that she cannot beat chris koons. she can because all of us are behind her. we will work tirelessly to see it happen. we are shaking up this country. we are shaking up washington. we are taking back our country
7:45 pm
one seat at a time. we did not get here overnight. we will not change it overnight. we have to remain engaged. we have to keep the fight up. if there's anything i would say to you today, if you need to support these candidates. they need your time and money. volunteer for their campaigns and give to them. they need to go to washington and represent us. thank you. [applause] >> my name is billie tucker and i in a community organizer. i have never been involved in politics. let me tell you right now that i am blown away sitting up here on this stage. i am a wife of 35 years to my high school sweetheart, a mother of two, a grandmother of two. i was going about living my life
7:46 pm
and doing what people do. that was just making a life for myself with my family. we raised our children in private, christian school. the wonderful americans. now they are taking care of themselves. we have not even had to bail them out since they became adults. it has been awesome, just awesome. it is amazing what you can do as parents not dealing your children out. it is amazing. keep it up. i am also a business owner. i do executive coaching and strategic planning with ceo's. i have done it for 25 years. i came home in september of 2008 with the client who was depressed and was going to have to lay off at least 55 people in the next week. i was depressed because i could do nothing to help him. when i walked in and day, my mother-in-law who lives with us said that john mccain is going to have some sort of big
7:47 pm
announcement. all i could think about was my poor client. i put my stuff down and looked on the tv. we sat there together and watched as john mccain said that he was suspending his campaign in going back to washington because his country needed him. as a person who worked with leaders for 25 years, that was not leader-like. i cannot figure out what was going on. that evening, president bush came on and said we are in trouble and need to bail out the banks. i about fell out of my chair. i was so discouraged. then i watched president obama's it their smug -- sit there smug like this. i thought that we were in a mess. we had better wake up and do it soon. i have had the pleasure of working with ceo's of entrepreneurial companies for 25 years. i love them because they bring
7:48 pm
business, they employ people, they keep people working and paying their mortgages. [applause] to see what is going on in our country is a tragedy. it is horrible. we've got to right it before it is too late. i am still watching my clients laying people off. i am from florida. the unemployment rate was 11.7%. that is unacceptable. we were a booming state. i blame no one else but the leaders of this country that did it for a long time treen i am mad -- that did it for a long time. i am mad. [applause] for four months, literally, and it was god. some people say not to put god into the tea party because you
7:49 pm
will run people off. i say that i am putting my god back into the united states of america again. [applause] i do not care what people say. ladies and gentlemen, we sat down the day after april 15 when we have our tea party. we thought there'd be a few people. 5000 people showed up. nobody advertised. 5000 people we did not know showed up. we had to figure out what to do with them. [laughter] that is a lot of people, more than in this room. they were asking what we should do. i said i did not know because i had never done before. the reality iwas we had to get organized. i went into a room with one of my clients. he turned the tables in the coaching with me. we came up with a mission statement every tea party across this country has their own.
7:50 pm
there is no big organization. i like to say that the tea whack-a-mole. the media may try to hit them but there is another one popping up somewhere else. [applause] we are keeping it that way. there is not some big organization. i am not willing to tell somebody in albany how to run their tea party. we're focusing on our town and how we will affect change across this country. here is a great story. who hadere three of us run the show. we had a disagreement about what our mission would be going forward. the disagreement we had was this. we wanted as part of our mission statement more leadership -- moral leadership.
7:51 pm
one of the people on our team said you cannot go there. the minute you go there you will lose so many people. this is about taxes and fiscal responsibility. i said yes, but if you start addressing the surface issues in an organization, it does not matter. you have got to dig deep to find the root cause. i knew that god did not wake me up for four mounts at 4:00 in the morning to tell me that we have a tax issue. [laughter] [applause] he did not care. he woke me up because he said, "my country does not love me like it used to love me." please do your part. i said, "who am i?"
7:52 pm
god said, "go, i send you." i never thought that god would do this to me. my life has changed. i do not even know what i am doing any more. i am not here. i am talking to you guys. i was in a high of talking to some other people i am talking to people about what is going on in our country. i am not an expert. but i know one thing. god is. [applause]
7:53 pm
i am going to encourage you to do something. if you are not involved in your local tea party, get involved. we're not going away. we got real excited this year. about four months ago, we opened up an office. we have a name on the door. we are paying rent. we can use some donations. [laughter] no bailout. we are working off of $25 and $10 donations from the people of florida. we use our office to educate people. i had never been involved in politics. i had a lot of catching up to do. that is what we have to do. we have got to work with
7:54 pm
candidates. before we can do that, we have got to educate people on what is going on. they do not know. [applause] here is what we have done with our tea party. everyone is different. this is what we have chosen to do. we have an office filled with every book can imagine. people donated them. we're working with heritage. they send us stuff. we will show a 33-minute video. we will have a screening. we educate people and what is going on. we started collaborating with it is a brand-new organization in washington. we collaborate with jennie thomas. they tell us what is going on in the halls of washington. they feed this information.
7:55 pm
we feed it to the people in our two-party -- tea party. they start calling their congressmen and writing letters. it is amazing. we feed back to liberty central and tell them that the people are not happy. what happens is that there is a bubble.ton n then there is the bubble of the people out there in the country. this week, i think they collided. christina donna was a pivotal point. was aistine o'donnell pivotal point. i think they realized that the tea party is not going away. i want to tell you something. this is important. everywhere i go, people look at
7:56 pm
me as a specimen. they realize that i make tea party person in expect me to get out my constitution a. the reality is look to the person on your right. say, "hello, tea party person." you are all members. you want to right your country back to the constitution and godly principles. [applause] >> we do have a couple of minutes left.
7:57 pm
you he looted a little bit to some in the republican establishment. i do not want to name names like karl rove. -- you alluded to it a little bit in the republican establishment. >> i am a conservative. i am also a republican, but definitely a conservative first. let's get through this election and get the cavalry in there. we need to look for the next candidates, the next conservative candidates. this is not a one-year thing. this is multi-year, multi- generational. that is my thought on it. tofirst of all, we're going
7:58 pm
sleep for awhile. something we are lacking right now. one of the biggest challenges is to remain engaged. this movement has not let me down yet. i do not think they will let me down after november. we have to keep the people engaged. most importantly, the new people we are bringing to washington, we have to hold them accountable. we cannot go back to sleep and let the same thing happen over again. [applause] >> i would like to address the fact that we're working on an accountability plan. everybody knows how to win on november 2. november 3 is when the rubber hits the road. we're working on unaccountability plan. the waiting for it. it is coming. a plan is being produced right now. >> we worked so hard all year
7:59 pm
ended come november and december, it is thanksgiving and christmas. we're celebrating and partying with our families. we cannot do that this year. they are going to try to cram through every piece of legislation they possibly can. to be onng to have our toes and fighting them tooth and nail. [applause] >> i want to thank you, ladies. if you are not a member of the tea party movement, i want you to do something on monday. i believe you have websites to look up. we also have a web site called i want to thank you for all you have been doing leading up to this year. [applause] [applause]

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